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Hosting Multiple Domains On One Hosting Account

published on 25.10.2011 in domain names, web hosting, web design

Are you planning to establish more than one website and you want to save money? If you are then you should try hosting your domains, no matter how many, in just a single hosting account.

Yes, it is possible, but the thing is you have to find a hosting company that will allow you to have multiple domains on a single account on their hosting service. There are lots of companies that are offering packages like this like Hostgator, which is arguably one of the most reliable web hosting services out there.

By doing it, you will be saving a lot of money because you don’t need to purchase a new hosting account whenever you will start with a new website. Aside from saving money, having one hosting account for your domains is easier to manage than having a separate account for each domain. What if you have ten domains? It will be difficult for you to manage it basically because you need to log in separately and you also need to remember several passwords.

How can I do it? If you are planning to start with a website, find a host that offers this feature. All you need to do is to log onto your cPanel. Your hosting account’s primary domain is of course the domain that you registered when you purchased the hosting account. To add another domain, of course you still need to purchase a new domain name and you’ll just register it as an “addon domain” on the cPanel of your hosting account.

Doing this strategy is recommended, but you must also take into consideration the number of domains that you’ll have in your account. If you are already noticing that some of the domains are having problem, then it is now time to purchase a new hosting account to keep your website live anytime of the day.

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