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Making Your Website Google Friendly

published on 27.10.2011 in web design, SEO & Traffic, internet marketing

Every website owners’ goal is to have a very good amount of visitors to their website. There are lots of ways to achieve that goal, but one of the best among them all is by making your website search-engine friendly, specifically Google-friendly.

Why Google? You might be wondering why we are only talking about Google if there are many popular search engines out there like Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask. The answer to that question is simply because Google is obviously the most popular among the search engines.

According to extensive researches, Google generates at least 90 percent of website traffic. So basically, a webmaster’s goal is to make their website Google friendly.

How can a website be Google or search-engine friendly?

The first thing to take into consideration is careful planning. Like any other project or business, careful planning is needed if you want to be successful. A carefully-planned website is easier to manage, thus making it easier to improve as well.

Included in that careful planning stage is finding a niche or in simple terms, finding a topic for your website. Commonly searched topic is advisable, but selecting a niche in which you are comfortable with is recommended. Once you have decided on the niche, you should select a simple domain name and find a good web host as well.

After setting up your website, start putting informative contents and useful pages as well. For the contents, writing about usually-searched topic is recommended and writing keyword-friendly article is also a must. Pages are also important because the more pages you have, the more pages will appear in search results, thus directing more visitors to your website.

Aside from careful planning and having quality contents, link building is also important. There are lots of ways to get incoming links like submitting your site to social bookmarking and internet directories. Using social networking site is also an option, but the traditional link exchange should be avoided because Google might penalize your website.

Above all, the success of your website and how Google-friendly it will be depends on how well you are managing your site. There are lots of ways to achieve your goal, but you also need to exert the necessary effort in order to succeed.

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