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Must-Have Pages for Your Website

published on 27.10.2011 in web design, SEO & Traffic

The success of your website relies on how popular it will be to the readers. In order to attract visitors and generate traffic, several SEO tips are recommended like making it a Google-friendly website. If you are planning to start a website, you must be aware that there are pages that your website should definitely have in order to have a successful site.

Home Page

Obviously, every website has a homepage, which is the landing page when a person types the URL on the address bar of his or her browser.

We are quite sure that you know that every website must have a home page. But the thing is, the homepage should be given a lot of attention because as the saying goes “first impression lasts”. In order to give your visitors a reason to comeback, your homepage must be clean, attractive, and informative enough to give them an idea on what your website is all about.

About Page

This is absolutely a must-have for your website and is actually the first thing that you should work on after setting up your website. The purpose of this website is to build credibility. In this page, you need to give the readers a brief idea about your website.

When a reader came across your website, the first thing that he or she will ask is what the website is all about and the tendency is he or she will look for this page, which makes the most visited page on every website.

Contact Page

This is also a must-have page for every website. Yes it may just be a simple page with a contact form, but its purpose is very vital. Through this page, your visitors will have the opportunity to get in touch with you. You’ll be receiving feedback, suggestions, comments, and ideas that you can use in developing your website. Through this page, prospect advertisers can also contact you immediately about a partnership proposal.

Advertise Page

This is a must-have page if your website is already having a good number of daily visitors. Advertisers are in a hunt for a site that has a good amount of visitors and through this page, you will be giving them a chance to contact you for an advertising partnership.

FAQ Page

If you own a website that sells product or services, having a FAQ page is a must. Every customer has a lot of questions to ask. So in order to give them an instant answer to their queries, you should create an informative a well-planned FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page for your website.

These five pages is a must-have for every website. Having them is not enough because you need to make sure that these pages’ links are visible on every page. It can either be on the navigation menu or on the footer of the website.

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